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May 26, 2015

Northern VA

Are you planning to go on holiday this summer? Before you book that flight to your dream destination, you may want to consider the type of transport to use to the airport ( Choosing the right airport transport might seem easy but with so many options at your disposal, it may not be.

If you’re in DC, Northern Virginia area or planning to visit, you may want to check out IDA airport transportation services. They offer a variety of airport transport options including sedans, limos and buses. But before you settle on any option, here are some key factors to remember while making your choice:

Using a sedan could be more luxurious than a taxicab, yet, more economical than hiring the services of a limousine. This type of airport transport offers flexibility and reliability that public transport would not accord you. The drivers are more professional than those of taxicabs. These cars are cleaner and ideal for business executives, managers and anyone who would like to travel in style without busting the bank in the process.

Hiring a limousine to or from the airport is a luxurious and comfortable way of travelling to your next holiday destination or meeting. A limousine is often faster than a shuttle, bus, or train that would have to make numerous stops along the way. Some limousine services even offer ‘extras’ for instance, free drinks, TV and free Wi-Fi. The drivers are professional and the limos are well maintained.

Hiring a bus could be a very cost-effective way to get to the airport especially for a group. A bus is very economical unlike a sedan or limousine. In fact, you do not have to hire the entire bus since you can buy only one ticket and join other individual passengers on the same bus. This is a kind of cost sharing approach. However, the bus, too, has its disadvantages. For starters, it is generally slower compared to using a sedan, taxicab or limousine since it has to make several stops along the way to pick up passengers. In most cases, also, it requires a certain number of passengers before it can depart.

Taxicab services
This is a very popular mode of transport to the airport for many people. It is cheaper than hiring a sedan or limousine and yet offers speed and convenience. However, it is more expensive than using the bus and might offer different rates for different number of passengers. The drivers may be professionals, semi-professionals or outright quacks depending on the city they operate in or company they work for.

Rail or subway services
If you live near a subway line then this might be a very convenient and relatively cheaper way of getting to the airport. Most rail services, however, operate on strict time schedules and you may have to inquire in advance about the right train for you. Rail services are also notorious for being overcrowded during peak hours and finding a seat, at such times, might prove futile.

There are many options to choose from on your travel to the airport. You should consider how much time you have, the number of people travelling with you and the amount of budget you are willing to spend on transport.

IDA transportation services offer many of the alternatives mentioned above and are, ideally, the best company to get you around on your next trip to, or from Northern Virginia, DC.

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