Amazing Cuisine in Arlington VA

March 28, 2014

Enjoy the Various Type of Cuisine Arlington Has to Offer

Dining in Arlington VA has never been better than having a stop at the renowned restaurants. These restaurants will serve you with nothing but the most refined dishes and drinks. One of the best known top class restaurants is the Clarendon’s Liberty Tavern. This is one of the only places that you will get delicious salads and rustic roasts. They also serve fennel scented sausages as well as Vermont-inspired white cheddar and apple mix that makes for a perfect dessert.

For individuals out for a new experience, Lost Dog café will always be the place to head to. Here, you will get a touch of class with the salty pepperoni and onions or even do the creative garlic butter and crabmeat. The establishment is both yummy and informal, but somewhere safe to bring the kids to. The mess of veggies on the Rin Tin Tin, as well as the sweet chicken pies, will crown your evening.

The spice addicts also have their best dishes served at the Delhi club. The restaurant’s walls take the color of cayenne which should be, but be careful; the kitchen holds no limit to spicing. Whether one goes for the famous Tandoori-charred chicken wings, lamb, Bengali shrimp or any other delicacy, your senses will always feel the burn.

Unlike other Thai restaurants that seem to have their dishes tamely seasoned, the sleekly appointed Bangkok 54 will always blow your mind with the pleasantly fiery minced chicken salad. A toss of fried lacquered duck will also give you nothing short of the best experience.

It is needless to worry of getting a restaurant to host you as a group. Crystal city offers you small-plates and appetizers such tapas, which are meant to be passed and shared. This will just be as good as solo dinners but with the opportunity to share and celebrate with friends and family.

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